Heatwave Haircare 101!

July 26, 2018

We all love getting out in the sun, hitting the beach and getting that 10/10 adorable, beachy wave hair look, right? Right. But being out in the sun is killer for our hair, especially if you’re into bright colours, pastels or the mesmerising mermaid look. So, seems as we’re in the middle of a heatwave (and it’s not going anytime soon), I thought we’d take a look at the most common issues with sun kissing your locks and give you some handy hints to avoid a full-on heatwave hair melt-down…


Combatting Colour Fade


Colour fade, how you disappoint us all! I’ve heard it a zillion times, “my colour’s gone orange – it really hasn’t lasted long at all, is there something wrong with the product?” Oh, shiny big ball of sun in the sky - you have a lot to answer for! We see what it does to our skin, we know that if we hang a white shirt on the line with a mark on it the sun lifts it out, so, it’s pretty logical that the sun is going to have some effect on our hair.


This time of year, it’s definitely a sun issue. Get yourself a lovely big sun hat. And if you’re not in to hats, you could avoid colour fade disappointment altogether by giving your hair a well-deserved colour break during the summer months. Using products like Maria Nila will help as they have UV protection but always double protect with a hat, too! 





Avoiding Broken & Dried Out Hair


Do you ever wonder why your hair seems more damaged during the summer months? There are so many reasons! The sun breaks and dries coloured hair a lot quicker. It lifts the colour out and with blondes, there is generally less hair to attack.


Seawater dries our hair out which leads to breakages and don’t get me started with chlorine. Not just summer – all year round, this one! Perhaps your kids swim a lot? Take a look at their hair. Have you noticed a golden, brassy colour that sits the bottom of their hair? This is a chlorine build up and once in the hair, it’s quite a hard task to remove. You’ll need a good cleansing shampoo (note that conditioner doesn't remove chlorine!), or to wait until their next cut to really tackle the issue. Now apply this to grown-ups who have the added bonus of years of colour applied to their hair and you start to get the picture as to why I dislike chlorine so much!


Finally, do you wonder why the front of your hair snaps off a little more than the rest? This one could well be from wearing sunglasses! We all do it, go into a shop and scoot the specs on to the top of our heads, taking our lovely soft hair out with it. Generally, if you wear glasses (which I do now too folks, yep, I joined the four-eyed crew) you usually have shorter sections at the front due to having your specs on all the time.



It’s so easy. Follow these simple rules and your hair will feel nicer and your colour will last a lot longer during the heatwave:


Stay indoors! Just kidding. If you’re out in the sun, get a hat on or slick it up with protective conditioner.


Fancy a dip in the ocean? Tie your hair up. Or, if you really must channel your inner mermaid, wash your hair afterwards with the same shampoo that you would do to remove chlorine.


Chlorine. Just don’t bother. Joking. Again! Use a leave-in conditioner or treatment to protect or get yourself a swimming hat. If you can, wet your hair before you get in the pool, preferably at home as the swimming pool showers also have chlorine in them! When you get home, use a cleansing shampoo to remove the chlorine.


Glorious sunnies. Take them off. Don’t be tempted to pop them on your head (I promise my glasses are not currently on the top of my head…). Anyway, this also stretches your glasses. So not only will your hair be ruined, your glasses will slide down your nose. Sexy!


So there you have it, my heatwave haircare 101! Now, where’s my sunshade…


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