So, let's talk eco-glitter...

So, let’s chat about Eco Glitter...


With the current plastic pollution problem at the moment, I’ve had a few people asking me about the glitter I use. Is it eco-friendly and have I thought about the environmental impact of using glitter at parties? Am I ditching regular glitter for eco options?


Well, the short answer to this is yes! All of the above, and not just with glitter. I also recycle as much as I possibly can in the salon to do my bit for the environment and believe you me, the recycling is always overflowing!


Let’s get back on to the topic of glitter though. It’s like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. And your care for its environmental impact seems to be just the same! Some of you want eco only and others aren’t bothered at all, you just want all the sparkle. 


So, this leaves me where we are right now – in the middle. BUT here at Luxurious, we’re striving as much as we can to go completely eco-friendly, starting with as many products as we can. After all, we are fully conscious that a lot of glitter gets washed away, pollutes our oceans and the fishes think it’s food. Not great.


From a small business perspective (let’s be honest, we’re all trying to make a living here), it’s much cheaper to buy regular, non-eco-friendly glitter. I can get bigger pots and there’s just so much more choice. There’s glitter in all shapes, sizes and colours and those big chunky geo shapes you all love? Well my friends, they are not available in eco either!


Eco-friendly glitter is more expensive and finer cut. You can’t get hold of those lovely big shapes and chunky isn’t currently available either. BUT what you can get is made from a plant cellulose and is biodegradable so it breaks down over time. Perfect!

So, what are we doing to contribute to eco-friendly glitter?


For hair glitter, we only use 100% eco-friendly glitter as it’s nice and easy to remove from your hair with just a comb and then a shampoo afterwards.


For face glitter, we’re using as much eco-friendly glitter as we can, however, if you’re after those great chunky glitters and geometric shapes, then we use regular glitter for these.


If you’re after a fully eco glitter experience at your party then please let us know and we’ll come armed with just eco-friendly options.


With both your hair and face we recommend combing out or wiping off as much glitter as you can before hitting the shower or washing it down the sink. We say think like you had the big gems on - you wouldn’t wash them down the sink! Basically, try and get as much glitter off and out before you rinse and it goes down the drain. You see where we’re going here?!


We spotted this on an eco glitter page and it just makes sense…


“If you do use regular glitter, make sure it sticks and remove it with a make-up removal cloth - don't wash it off with water; it will end up in our oceans.”


So, that’s us on eco-glitter. I’m always researching and once they make what you all want in eco, we'll be first in queue to stock up!


Claire x




The eco glitter brands we currently use:


Eco Sparkles

Eco Glitter Fun

Eco Stardust

The Facepainting Shop



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